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Fish 4 Friday: Catalonian Style Fillet of Sole

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»

Fish & Tomatoes

Tomatoes pair well with firm-flesh white fish: Sole, cod, and haddock, for example. You can also match tomatoes with trout, flounder and halibut. None of these fish are particularly oily, and their fillets are often available at your local supermarket or fishmonger.

Where am I going with this? Well, it wasn’t too long back I was complaining of an excess of the red vegetable. More recently, though, they’ve gotten a bit harder to find. Everybody’s garden is out of them by now. The supermarket will have them, but I’ve noted considerable price increases lately.

Doesn’t keep me from wanting some, though. And here’s a nice oven-baked fish recipe that’s pretty easy to make and doesn’t need my favorite cooking tool (the outdoor grill):

Why am I avoiding the grill? Well, it was 23 here today, with freezing rain and sleet. It’s now dry, at least, but not any warmer. Our 6th or 7th such day in the last 10. And because we’re so far south here, water freezes at 50. (Madejalook.) I don’t grill when it’s that cold.

This recipe is distinctly Spanish, based on my foray into the Barcelona-Sitges-Tarragona area many years ago. Surprisingly, I found it in a French cookbook! That didn’t stop me from trying it and approving of its rich flavors. The sole (or fillets you use) will take on a very rich taste from all the butter. The tomatoes add eye appeal and a nice sweetness along with a tiny bit of acid bite. You can zest this dish up, of course, but only a little; otherwise you’ll mask the delicate fish flavor. I think it could stand a bit of smoked Spanish paprika just fine. (Maybe my next experiment? Hmmm…)

Help us out by trying this dish and sending us your impressions of it. Was it easy to fix? How was the taste? (Rate it, if you’d like.) What would you change?

Together, we can make food Even Better…

Enjoy the (Sole of Spain) Heat!


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