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Looking for Cupid to Visit Today? Then Get Cooking!

Chocolate Rose

Our ongoing weak economy has people looking for alternatives to the expensive evening out, especially if it involves a meal. With Cupid on the warpath today, lots of us MCs (Male Creatures) are trying to figure out how to meet the romantic drives of the day without busting the budget.

It appears we’ve got some help. National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast a piece this morning during their Morning Edition session that may just fit the bill:

Nigella Lawson, a celebrity chef who’s a feast for the eyes as well as a pretty darn good at building a feast, has plenty of ideas for a proper meal for this occasion. She points out several options, whether your paramour’s a confirmed carnivore or happy herbivore. Elegance is the keynote here, with ease of preparation and flavor as supporting themes.

So listen to the audio, then get to the store and get the Good Stuff before they run out! While you’re at it, enjoy a happy (and hopefully successful) Valentine’s Day…

Enjoy the (Arrows of Love) Heat!


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