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Blueberry Update: Two Cups a Week Reduces Parkinson's Risk for Men (Sorry, Ladies)

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Big Blueberries

A post that went mostly unnoticed on Valentine’s Day didn’t escape the eagle eyes of the Underground’s newsies. First, the (now) unsurprising part, at least for all you folks following the Brain Food series: Fruits that are high in antioxidants, especially flavonoids, are good for you. These fruits include strawberries, acai berries, and any of the blue ones.

The new part? They may reduce Parkinson’s Disease risk by as much as 25%.

Mixed Berries

The good news was actually released on February 13. More than two decades of data went into the research and analysis, and involved nearly 50,000 men and over 80,000 women. There is one small glitch, hardly worth mentioning, though: The data suggest that men get good benefits from a couple of cups of berries a week, but women don’t. Given that the results come from an observational study rather than a designed scientific plan, we can expect other findings in the future.

Meanwhile, go grab some blue-fruity bits and get healthy…

Enjoy the (More Blue is Better) Heat!


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