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It's Not Food Poisoning If You Ate What She Ate

Flu Bug

Brought low by a microscopic brute. Humbling; not that I need that much humility in my life. At first I thought maybe it was food poisoning, but there were no candidates. Or maybe just a simple stomach bug, one that comes and goes quickly.

Not this one. Oh no.

THIS unwelcome harbinger of doom pesky microscopic mischief-maker turns out to be the full-fledged form of ‘flu. Yeah; THAT nanomonster. Apparently one that the shots don’t guard against. (My doc even recommends against the shot this year, as apparently there are several strains in play and the shots may protect against only one. Check with your doctor before deciding anything, though.)

What can you do? Take vitamin D. Be sure to take the safe form, and take plenty. And do the hand-washing thingie, like it’s your favorite new obsession. Additionally, pray that, if you DO get the dreaded bug, you’ll progress rapidly from the “omygodI’mgonnadie” phase to “omygodwhycan’tIdie” and then back to the first one. After that, you’re only about two days from being out of the woods.

Oh, and be sure you have a supportive significant other. Otherwise you’re a goner. (Take it from a pro; Thanks, PJ.)

So don’t worry too much if I’m not around the ol’ Underground with a lot of neat food info the next few days. I’m doing my best to get to the “mygodIfeelsomuchbetter” phase of the recovery. I’m not there yet, but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn last night keep some soda crackers down…

Enjoy the (Not Much Joy in Mudville) Heat!


2 comments to It’s Not Food Poisoning If You Ate What She Ate

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