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An Exciting Week: A Holiday for Presidents, National Chili Day and More

Bowl of Cherries

You’ll have to go far to find a month with more food fun packed into it than February has to offer! And this week is the pinnacle of all that merriment. Besides celebrating President’s Day (today, in fact), which should bring a major spike in cherry prices nationally, Thursday is National Chili Day. I mean, how can it get better than that?

Here’s a short list of the other food-related observances that February has to offer:

Cherry Pie

While researching all this, I learned some other useless trivia important facts about February. Did you know it’s Spunky Old Broads Month? Or Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month? How about Bake for Family Fun Month? National Condom Month? (I guess Cupid’s been up to his usual troublemaking.) And one I heartily endorse, Responsible Pet Owner’s Month. (We rehab and foster abandoned Goldens, so we know about the effects of irresponsible owners.)

Finally, how ’bout a really, really obscure one: International Hoof-care Month. So obscure I couldn’t find a valid link, just a comment in passing. Interesting, though.

And you thought February’s only claim to fame was its short length! Although there’s not a lot of month left, you can now celebrate the remainder in grand style. I’ll be posting more on the Chili Month thingie as the week goes on, so get your fixin’s and spices together…

Enjoy the (February Means Food Fun) Heat!


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