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More Than 100 Things You Can Do to Make Your Food Blog Better, Part III

This entry is part of a series, Better Foodie Blogs»


After a short break, it’s back to reviewing ways you can improve (or revive) your foodie blog…

On the web, as it is in life, it’s all about the experience. If a viewer lands on your site and doesn’t immediately see something that interests them, they’re gone. Too many sites, too little time! This is true whatever their motivation for arriving in the first place. The overall experience is the background, the basis, for your site being “sticky.”

And you’d like them to stick around, yes? Certainly.

Recycling past content is a nice way to use stuff you’ve written and collected. However, it doesn’t mean simply repeating what went before. After all, that stuff is still available on your site, in the archives. (It’s still there, right?) Unlike television, where reruns can have a huge following in syndication, direct repeats don’t fare well on the InterTubes.


So mix it up! Match your stuff with someone else’s (or more of your own great work) and then provide a new summary. A new interpretation. Be it social issues or cherry pie recipes, people are always looking for a new twist, a novel interpretation. You’re just the person to do that!

One of the things you need to show your audience, through your words, images and more, is that you’re excited and interested in what you do. You want them to catch that energy and passion, the stuff that only you can bring to your take on food. So do what you have to, but get out there and get going!

Take a trip; branch out; get colorful. Use a nice template, then make it your own with your drawings, pictures and text. Ask some friends to visit and give you feedback on “look and feel” of the site. Whatever you do to improve the visitor experience will make your site a better Web destination, and you a better blogger.

I’m sure you can expand the set of ideas shown in this post above, and in the earlier posts. I’m only one writer, with a limited set of elves (some of them with the limited vocabulary that comes with the cat suit and a distinct lack of opposible thumbs). So take advantage of your support network.

The whole Web’s waiting for your thoughts on food (and more)…

Enjoy the (Fun to Visit Blogs) Heat!


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