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More Than 100 Things You Can Do to Make Your Food Blog Better, Part IV

This entry is part of a series, Better Foodie Blogs»


Sometimes, a food blogger just seems to run out of ideas. They don’t want to keep in the rut, and besides, even the rut’s bare of inspiration. What to do, what to do?

Well, you can do what most people come to the InterWebz for anyway: You can do research! Yeah, it works for foodies too.

There are a lot of foodie sites already out there. Surely some of them can give you ideas you can expand on in your own style. There are recipe sites, and how-to sites; ethnic cooking and classical. You can find thousands of videos on YouTube, and link them back into your site if you find them particularly good. Just don’t leave it at that; comment in your post on what you like and maybe what you don’t about the clip. People want info, and your opinion is part of the info they want!


Finding inspiration is easy, actually. I’ve listed some of the ideas I have (and use) about that in the mindmap tree above. As always, this is a simple starter kit; you can do Even Better. A few searches, some quiet contemplation, and Boom! Ideas going off in your head like Chinese fireworks. (Don’t let the bright flashes drive the ideas away. Wear a propeller beanie, it fights idea loss.)


The expanded tree above is why I believe “inspiration is easy.” After that you need motivation and time. (Can’t help you there.) I find that gaining the right insight leads to a drive to say something about the topic, and that supplies motivation. As for the time, I simply cut my sleep. I’m an old guy, we don’t need sleep anyways… (If you believe that, I’ve got a few historic documents we should talk about you owning.)

Here are the top ways I get inspired. I read top-rated food blogs. I scan the news for interesting recipes, international food news, and weird (especially comical) food-related happenings. If I’m still sitting still, then I grab out an old cookbook and start skimming. Yes, there’s a lot of “old stuff” out there that deserves your attention.

Another path I use is to talk to friends and family. I ask them what’s on their minds that concerns food. Then I listen. Then I write. I seldom find that I need to follow Gene Fowler’s suggestion.

It all works, eventually; So go get back into the game! If you’re already an avid food blogger, then kick it up another notch

Enjoy the (Inspired Foodie Community Blogs) Heat!


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