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Shuttle Discovery: Now THAT Was a Real Man’s Flick


I know, I know; the Underground’s a foodie blog. Well, arguably this is about food too! But first:

Discovery’s home for the last and final time. Over 27 years of service to America’s manned space presence. A year of total time in space. A full 39 missions, and over 148 million miles traveled.

Whatever ship is named Discovery in the future will have a tough time topping all that…

As a young fellow who regularly played hookie was coincidentally ill on the days that Mercury and Gemini missions flew, I can easily say that I’ve been a rabid fan of manned space missions. I still want to go there, even though I know the food won’t be that good. (Nobody refers to it as “space cuisine.” Not yet.) Maybe they’ll need a cook when they go back to the moon? Hmmm…

Discovery scored all kinds of “firsts” in its service life. First to dock with the International Space Station, for one. Which means it was instrumental in the first stocking of the ISS with consumables. Including food. (I wonder; do they still drink Tang up there?) And this last trip, Discovery once again stocked the ISS with tons of goods while delivering a storage module for such materiel. A 2,400 cubic foot food locker, in essence.

It’s been a great run. Discovery, we salute you; thanks for the great rides…

Enjoy the (Smoking-Hot Record-Making Flights) Heat!


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