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Tonight’s the Night, Tonight’s the Night! (Daylight Savings, That Is)

Sun Clock

It’s been a long time coming. A whole year, in fact. It got here eventually, though. And tonight’s the night

Daylight Savings begins officially at 2:00 AM overnight. That’s when we get to give up an hour of sleep by setting our clocks forward. Oh joy. It can cause anxiety, loss of appetite, and even your mood balance. (If someone you love is bipolar, that’s a big deal.)

Thank goodness there’s an answer to some of these issues. The sleep loss, for instance. There’s National Napping Day right after we change over, to help us reset. Or at least to get some more rest. Okay, it’s an excuse to take a mental health day from work and watch some spring baseball. However you see it, don’t forget to do the Really Important Stuff, like having plenty of healthy snacks on hand.

Snacks, you say? Yep. Helps you get through the appetite upset. Resets your meal clock. That’s important too, right? Snacks and a nap, then some more snacks; why, that’s ideal for all that industrial-strength bio clock resetting. (At least that’s my story.)

I’ll save the actual snack choices the Underground will have on hand until after I’ve had a chance to hit three or four grocery stores tonight tomorrow. Right now, you might consider going to bed a couple of hours early, just to get a head start on this DST thingie.

Just in case National Napping Day doesn’t work for you…

Enjoy the (Clock Hopping) Heat!


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