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National Napping Day; My Favorite! Get the Snacks Out…


Today’s a very special occasion, one that should be added to the holiday list nation-wide. National Napping Day. Just the sound of it has me smiling. And maybe slowing down towards dozing…

GrumpyIt’s amazing how a simple one-hour shift of the clock can cause so much disruption. I travel globally, and I almost never have issues with time zones and jet-lag that daylight savings time causes. It’s not the loss of sleep, exactly; I’m an old codger, I don’t need sleep anyway. Still, for the next two weeks (at least) I’ll have some troubles.

Including wanting to take a nap. Regularly. Often.

Can anyone tell me why it is that when we go into sunlight-saving mode that the whole country gets sleepy? It’s not just me; everybody I talk to has the same symptoms.

Besides, when are we ever going to start spending all that daylight we’ve been storing up all these years? Why tap the Strategic Oil Reserves during this chaotic time of uncertain (and certainly higher) gasoline prices? Simply tap into our Strategic Sunlight Reserves (I’m sure we’ve got one somewhere), shine that stuff around and we’ll get more energy than we can use!

Along with chronic sleepiness, I find I get killer munchies. At almost any time of the day. It’s as if my circadian rhythm has gone into overdrive and I need a meal every hour. Today’s the first of these challenging days, and so to keep my spirits and energy up I’ve fixed some snacks. (I’ve also placed them strategically, within easy reach of the sofa, the beds, the futon and any large, open carpeted areas, just in case a nap attack breaks out unexpectedly.)

Napping Lions

First, the healthy stuff: Carrots, celery, cauliflower. Walnuts, one of my favorite brain foods. Lean turkey lunchmeat with low-fat Swiss cheese (hold the mayo). Rice crackers and veggie chips. Apples and blackberries.

Man does not snack by healthy food alone, though. I also have corn and tortilla chips with homemade salsa cruda, ripple-cut potato chips with various sour cream dips (jalapeño queso is my favorite), and pretzels with beer. (Don’t want to risk dehydration on a day like this.) I got the jumbo bag of chili powder seasoned chicharrones. A few deep-fried Twinkies, for variety. A tub of Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice cream, with some leftover heavy whipping cream to go on top. (Waste not, want not.)

Napping Pets

Finally, just to be on the safe side, I have a couple dozen Krispy Kremes laid in as backup stock.

Oh, don’t worry. I won’t get around all these yummy goodies today. It may be the celebration today, but the nap attacks could continue indefinitely into the future. Besides, you can only eat so many carrots…

Enjoy the (Napaholics Unanimous) Heat!


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