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Ribfest Today! Y’all Come On By

Ribs on the Grill

That big pile of cars you see out front? Ribfest arrivals. (That’s me collecting exorbitant parking fees.)

The milling crowd, hoping for a whiff of the smoke from the pit? That’s Clan and friends, who can hardly contain themselves. (No news there.)

That sound like low-level fireworks going off in the background? That’s not fireworks, that’s lip-smacking. Expect it to go on and on, once the ribs begin to come in from the grill.

Yep, that’s right! It’s Spring Break Ribfest at the Chile Underground. The Inscrutable Chefette Jessica is home, and she’s cooking up her special, top-secret-recipe baby-back ribs. I’m supplying the sauce for the meat and the salsa to go with the chips. Everybody else is bringing heaps and mounds of tribute sides and salads, desserts and drinks.

Meaty Ribs

I only hope the chips and salsa hold out until the ribs are ready. I remember the near-riot that broke out last time when there was a gap of almost ten minutes between servings. Sheesh.

I’d like to say we’ve invited a more sedate crowd this year. I’d like to, but since the list of truants, misfits and in-laws is basically the same, I can’t say that.

All I can do is grill my buns off and hope they leave me something besides bones…

Enjoy the (Start of Spring Ribfest) Heat!


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