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Down in the Dumps? Boost Your Mood With (the Right) Food

Fruits and Vegetables

A recent article caught my eye over on KitchenDaily. We all know that food can affect how we feel, and it’s more than sugar highs (or lows). The foods they listed that can put a bounce in your step are:

  • Eggs
  • Whole Grains
  • Spinach
  • Salmon
  • Chocolate
  • Turkey
  • Lentils
  • Berries
  • Comfort Foods

First off, I notice a great correlation between the items on this list and the known brain foods. (See the ongoing series of articles here on the Underground about said IQ boosters.) Okay, eggs aren’t often considered brain food, and they have the bad rap of high cholesterol. (Only partially warranted, in my completely humble opinion.) Spinach, salmon, turkey and berries are certainly there. Chocolate makes the “honorable mention” list of brain boosters; a list that hasn’t quite been mentioned yet. (More on chocolate and several others in a later post, hopefully this week.)


Here’s something I’d add to the list: Vitamin D. Okay, it’s not a food, it’s a nutrient. It’s found in fortified milk (and cheese), egg yolks, liver, and so on. You can even make it by being out in the sun. I’ve found it’s important for my own inclinations. Yes, low vitamin D can make you a grouch!

I can only fault KitchenDaily for the generic “Comfort Foods.” I agree, sometimes we need to get off the path and do something just because we want to. It’s especially important if you’re following a disciplined food style to lose weight (or for some other dietary reason). After a while you just wonder, what’s the point, and then you either eat a double chicken-fried steak with extra gravy and all the potatoes you can carry, or you pitch the whole discipline.

That last would be bad; very bad! One plate of something comforting isn’t enough to destroy the discipline, if it pumps your mood. So I see their point.

Just remember, they’re not saying that the continuous comfort-food diet is the way to enlightenment and happiness. Oh, it may be; it may also be the way to buying your suits at Omar the Tentmaker’s…

Enjoy the (Zippin’ Along Happy) Heat!


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