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Garden Update: Radishes, Peas and Cukes, Oh My!

Watering Tomatoes

The garden’s all in here, and it’s about time! Spring’s trying to pass us by, with 90 degree afternoons and lots of sun. No rain (no recordable precipitation; driest March ever, so far), so we’re watering as required. Water restrictions (Stage 1) are in place; more can’t be far away.

In spite of that, the garden’s growing great! Tomatoes are in: globe cherries, some yellow pear cherries, Early Girl, some Beefsteak variants, even one lonely tomatillo. All buried as deep as I could dig. Tomatoes don’t do well here once we reach 100+ degree afternoons, unless their roots are way down. Peas are up over eight inches now, all grasping tendrils and new leaves, and will bloom soon. Radishes are filling out nicely.

Some of the herbs are doing well; the dill, not so much. (How can I kill dill? It’s a weed, says so on the label! Sheesh.) The pepper patch is ready for more sun and heat: Two varieties of jalapeƱo, some cayennes, big green Bells for fajitas, Serranos and Thais and more. Even the one plant that was damaged (read: eaten on madly by two silly kittens) is putting on new leaves and standing up tall. As tall as any plant nicknamed “Stumpy” can be expected to, I suppose. (And yes, I name my vegetable plants. You got a problem with that?)

The cucumbers got their trellis yesterday. Naturally, they don’t look so good. To my eye, cucumber plants always look like they’re on the verge of death, until they suddenly take off, growing inches each day, blooming and madly producing fruit. Then they look deathly sick again, as the heat and all the effort to fruit sets in.

I’m hoping for a couple of bushels for pickling experiments. With some of the peppers and herbs, you see…

Enjoy the (How the Garden’s Growing) Heat!


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