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Road Trip! Los Angeles, Here We Come

Jet Plane

The American Chemical Society is holding their annual Spring meeting in Anaheim, and I’m running the show there…

Well, in a way I am. I’ll be the MC for one of the Symposia. The most important one, of course. On Industrial Problem Solving. And no, we won’t need smelling salts to keep the audience awake. (These are geeks, remember? They LIKE this stuff.)

In my off time I guess I’ll mosey on over to the studios and see if they need any great talent. I also hear Griffith Observatory is a nice place to see across the whole valley, if the air’s clear enough. A little shopping along Rodeo, since the wifeyperson’s gainfully employed. Maybe a lunch at Musso & Frank‘s on Hollywood, and then a premier at Grauman’s Chinese. You know, stuff like that.

Beverly Hills

I don’t know how much dining about town I’ll get done. I’ve heard interesting things about Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles, but they’re not anywhere near close to where I’ll be staying. As with all conventions, though, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of grazing opportunities.

I’m even taking a camera, so who knows, maybe I’ll get pictures of certain in-laws wearing a silly hat at the reception. Whatever I manage, you can bet you’ll see it here first if it doesn’t violate too many laws

Enjoy the (Westward Ho) Heat!


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