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Restaurant Reviews: Urbanspoon Rocks!

Big Spoon

Some of you may have noticed a new feature on the Chile Underground the past few days. Urbanspoon is one of the websites I use extensively for dining information, and I’ve always found it to be easier to use and more reliable than other sites who shall remain nameless.

You also know, because you’re addicted to a big fan of the Underground, that I write occasional restaurant reviews.

Well, Urbanspoon has a mechanism whereby bloggers can post reviews on their own site and still get great coverage on Urbanspoon’s site! Once I saw that opportunity I was all over it like a starving Golden Retriever on a neckbone. And they’ve got maps too, so you can easily see where the restaurants I reviewed are located. (I’ve got the Austin area ones shown now; I also write for other locations.)

If that doesn’t rock your world, then you’re on the wrong planet…

Enjoy the (Great Dining Reviews) Heat!


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