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Scattering to the Winds: California Pizza Kitchen, then Home


By early this morning, the Symposium gang had scattered to their respective bases. Some had to get up in the middle of the night, as they had early flights from LAX. I can sympathize with wanting to get home, but most of them were complaining the night before that they were going back into snow. Me, I’d stay out in the warmth and sunshine of southern California if snow was the alternative! With Mouseland nearby…

Didn’t matter though; they left. I hope they’ve got working snowblowers.

Dr. C (the original one) and I weren’t leaving until nearly 6 P.M., so we had plenty of time to mosey about and take in more of the conference. First, though; one last breakfast at Molly’s. We checked out of the room and left our bags with the bellhop. (Only he’s been promoted, he’s now a Customer Services Professional. Same work, though.)

After helping the Exposition portion close, we headed out for a quick lunch before catching the shuttle to the airport. We heard that the California Pizza Kitchen was just the place, so we walked the two blocks over and took a look.


It’s a small place squeezed into the corner of a short strip mall, actually. And the smells were very enticing! We ordered a medium meat combo and a couple of drinks, then found a table near the back. Within minutes we were stuffing our faces with a tasty pie. Satisfying!

The afternoon had turned off quite warm, so we walked slowly back to the hotel to claim our belongings. The SuperShuttle was approximately on time, and in less than an hour we were checking in at Terminal 4. Surprisingly, TSA was pumping folks through the checkpoint like they were being paid piece-work, so we found ourselves in the Admiral’s Club quite quickly. I spent the time plane-spotting while Dr. C read on his Galaxy. (An i-Phone for old folks, in case you don’t know what a Galaxy is.)

The flight loaded on time, but got away late. Lots of congestion and confusion at LAX in the afternoon, although I got the impression it was business as per usual. A couple of time zones later we landed, only to find our ride wasn’t there! She’d fallen asleep. Or so she claims. Anyways, that glitch only cost us a little time, and we were home in bed by midnight.

If only every conference could go that smoothly…

Enjoy the (Home Again, Home Again) Heat!


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