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Lazy Saturday, Nothing to Cook

Down to the in-laws this weekend, dogs in tow. A little more training for the foster before we hand him over to his forever home. Mostly, we’re all working on individual projects and hoping for rain. Farmers and ranchers are hurting hereabouts, and if we come up dry in the start of May they’ll lose […]

Virtual Reality Gives “Cookie Monster” a Whole New Meaning

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

This fellow isn’t trying a new method of traveling incognito. Nor is he a space alien. (At least not according to the Men in Black.) Instead, this is Professor Takuji Naumi, making a point. Using his new invention, the Meta Cookie.

What’s his point? Well, first […]

Testing Live Writer Today; Wish Me Luck (or at Least Lunch) …

Okay, I’m finally dissatisfied enough with ScribeFire to try something else. After extensive reading and scratching my head, I’ve decided to give Live Writer another shot. I tried it once before, about three years back, and wasn’t satisfied with its integration nor with its interface then.

So far, though, this looks Much Better.

As always, if […]

A Sedate Spring Lunch at Zed’s

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Usually I eat lunch at home these days. Oh, I have plenty of time mid-day, and there are lots of options for lunch in the area. However, I don’t like eating alone, and wifeyperson has a Real Job that often keeps her chained in her cell […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-04-26

Got Leftover Peeps? Five Peeps Recipes to help you get rid of this obnoxious little critters – Clean Plate Charlie http://bit.ly/iciJ42 #
A Dozen Recipes For Leftover Easter Eggs (and who doesn't have a plethora of henfruit to devour?) http://huff.to/gbQMHa #
Food Network Magazine tops Adweek’s ‘Hot List’ | Poynter. http://bit.ly/gaUUxz #
Who needs cookbooks or magazines when […]

Still Struggling With Finding a Zoundry Raven Replacement

So far, not much is satisfying me on this quest for a better post-writing tool. Of course, there are a lot of options to try. At first I was sure ScribeFire was the answer, especially as it’s available as a plugin for my favorite browser. However, there are lots of tasks I like to do […]

Easter Sunday Dinner: A Poor Experience at a Usually Reliable Locale

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

The Clan gathered from all the corners of the Civilized World (that is, Texas) for a traditional Easter Sunday dinner after church. With three generations present, from the Matriarch Herself down to Little Miss Too Cute and the latest anklebiter addition, Master Dimples (he’s threatening to […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-04-23

Two recipes for Easter ham – I hope you've got your ham ready! CSMonitor.com http://bit.ly/hTfOWQ #
Easy deviled egg recipes for Easter – or, what to do with all those eggs the bunny left… St. Petersburg Times http://bit.ly/dNL7Ju #
What to do with those disgusting Peeps! Recipes for Easter: Peeps sushi, Peeps s'mores, Peeps cocktails and more… […]