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Pork Chops and Apples Go Together Like, Like ...

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Pork Chop

Well, like Gable and Lombard; like Newman and Woodward; like Burton and Taylor (more than once); like Astaire and Rogers; like Tracy and Hepburn. (Lewis and Martin? Abbott and Costello? Uhh…) You get my drift.

Pork, the other other white meat, goes especially well with sweet flavors. Much better than most cuts of beef or chicken. Fruit is a nice way to provide the sweetness too.

I prefer the sweet accompaniment to be on the not-too-sweet side of things. So one of my favorite choices is a nice, tart-sweet apple of some kind. Here’s a Clan favorite version, using pork chops:

Other fruit juices would work well, and indeed, we’ve used orange juice at times. Another variation is to use some fruit jelly or preserves, and a bit of chicken stock or broth, to make the sauce. There’s a lot of room for creativity in this one! So I’d suggest you get some chops out and go scrounging in your cupboard for accompaniments. Just remember to use a nice, fresh cooking apple. We’ve used Granny Smith and Jonagolds with success.

Side dishes that go well include a fragrant rice (pilaf or saffron work), or Stovetop stuffing if you’re in a hurry. I bet that even egg noodles would work as something to plate the chops and sauce over.

This meal is more than a simple Clan favorite. As you may notice from the recipe, it’s got the G&H Seal of Approval. Not Good Housekeeping; no, nothing so mundane as all that! The G&H stand for Granny & Hapaw, the clan elders. If they like it, then you know that it’s gotta be great. After all, they’ve had the most experience eating stuff of anybody in the whole dang family…

Enjoy the (Sweet Piggy Chops) Heat!


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