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Tex-Mex Lasagna, the Ninth Wonder of the World?

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Cheesy Top

Almost everybody loves lasagna. I mean, what’s not to like? Pasta, cheese, rich sauce, herbs and spices. Maybe some meat, maybe some veggies; depends on the type of lasagna. All baked to bring out the best in the flavor combinations.

Tex-Mex cooking shares some of the same flavors: Cheese, sauce, herbs and spices. Maybe some meat, maybe some vegetables. Okay, the herbs used are different from Italian, but not completely. There’s a surprising amount of overlap, actually.

So, a natural fusion of these two great cuisines would be:

Tex-Mex Casserole

The only challenge in this recipe is, what if you don’t have an HEB nearby? (Well, besides the fact that it sucks to be you, in that case.) The Texas Two-Step Chili is a big jar of chili starter. No meat, no beans. Sauce and spices, basically. So find a commercial product like that and you’re okay. Here’s one, but it’s quite pricey. Here’s another interesting looking one. This one’s made in Texas. This is the one I use, when I’m in a hurry. My suggestion, look around the ethnic foods section of your grocery, they’re bound to have something that works.

If you have to, you can build your Tex-Mex lasagna using more basic ingredients, like enchilada sauce and chili powder. That’s a lot of work, though. Who’s got the time these days? Go find a couple jars of chili starter mix and you’ll have dinner in no time…

Enjoy the (Italian Gone Tex-Mex) Heat!


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