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This Stew Will Make You (Feel) Pregnant

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Ground Round

My wife had a tough time of it when she was pregnant. Four months of morning sickness, and often days when she couldn’t keep anything down all day long. Ever since then she’s never been a morning person. (I claim there’s a direct causal link.)

My challenge was trying, in my limited spare time (I was working then, a lot), to find anything she could eat that wouldn’t upset her tummy. After a lot of experimentation, I found this tasty dish:

That’s not the original name of this one comfort-food stew. I can’t seem to find that one anymore. However, PJ quickly began to call the dish Pregnant Stew, and she loved it. Oh, she didn’t want it every day, but when she was having a bad time of it, this was our go-to meal. With Blue Bell Pistachio Ice Cream for dessert.

So eat all of this soothing meal you want; it can’t make you pregnant. Though it might help you through a pregnancy…

Enjoy the (Very Filling) Heat!


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