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Can You Spell Avgolemono? A Spicy Greek Soup…

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Avgolemono Soup

Greek food isn’t a popular cuisine in most of America. Oh, it’s got its fans, and they’re unwavering in singing praises for dishes from Greece and the Aegean area. Still, in many locations it’s very hard to find any Greek food, let alone stuff that’s good.

Here’s what I mean: According to Urbanspoon, there are nearly 4,000 restaurants and eateries in the greater Austin area. Those that serve Greek (or claim so) number about 30. Those numbers are likely a lot better in places like Chicago, Detroit and Boston, but for most of the rest of us, the numbers are even lower than for central Texas, I bet.

Which simply means you need to learn to make your own great Greek food! And here’s a fine place to start:

The ingredients aren’t any mystery: Chicken, eggs, rice, lemons, cream. I don’t know of any other soup that combines these, especially in such a satisfying, creamy dish. With rice stirred in it’s a full meal, and very satisfying when the weather’s cold and tough out. Surprisingly, though, it also works as a refreshing soup in warm weather; an usual switch-hitter.

This specific version is modified to include considerable zestiness. Leave out the chiles and tone down the chili powder and you’ll have something a bit more like the original. However, these flavors stand up well to the feistiness of chiles; you get to choose, though.

Give it a try, and once you’ve enjoyed avgolemono you’ll likely want to try other great Greek dishes…

Enjoy the (Lemony Greek Soup) Heat!


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