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Welfare Soup, Good for You AND Your Budget

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Veggie Soup, a la Cordon Bubba

Many of us have changed our lifestyles in the continuing travails of the economic downturn. I know, the government says we’re recovering. Unemployment’s still high too. Oh, we’re buying more specialty foods, which is a good sign.

Some of us can’t afford those specialty foods, though. If you’re in that group, then this post is for you…

One tiny cookbook that I have used quite a bit is Cordon Bubba. Yeah, it tries to make fun of us Texans and the food we eat. There are a lot of useful recipes, though! Including today’s offering:

This isn’t a recipe so much as a guideline for getting something good to eat while cleaning out the fridge. If you’re like the Elves here at the Underground, you’ve quit wasting food by storing leftovers until it’s time to toss them. You actually eat those leftovers! Or use them in other dishes. So if you have bits of cooked veggies, meat and the like, this is the ideal way to get them all together and make a meal.

And if you have any leftover Welfare Soup, well, you won’t have it for long…

Enjoy the (Money-Saving Soup) Heat!


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