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Now for Something Entirely Different: Forfar Bridies

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Forfar Bridie

Ah, those lovable Scots. Men in skirts; tossing telephone poles for sport; playing pool in the pasture. Bagpipes for music (such as it is). They have the shortest scheduled airline flight in the world, at 1 minute 36 seconds (and 1.7 miles). Their kings used to be crowned on a scone. Only it’s a stone. (I’ve had scones that would make good substitutes for stones; just don’t tell you-know-who I said that.)

They also have food with funny names. Haggis. Neeps and Tatties. Cock a Leekie. Bannocks; Baps; Bawd Bree; and that’s just part of the “B” group! Hogmanay Syllabub. Kedgeree. Potted Hough. (Sounds like a great-uncle I once had.) Whim Wham. And one of my favorites:

Say that several times real fast, and you’ll have to sit down and let the dizzy spell go by. The ingredients aren’t usual either; suet? Still, they’re really tasty and filling. So get some started, then go out and toss a 56-pound weight up over your head a few dozen times to work up an appetite.

Maybe that explains a lot about the Scots…

Enjoy the (Scottish Snacks) Heat!


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