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Marathon's Over, More Recipes on the Site

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Broken Bank

Tax Day is behind us, so the Recipe du Jour Marathon is officially over. I didn’t get the 30 or so posts up I was aiming for. I guess I’m too easily distracted, what with the garden, an MRI on my shoulder, and stuff like that there. I got sixteen posts up, though, which is quite a push for such a short time!

I uploaded more recipes to the recipe pages on the Underground than I wrote about, though. See if you can find them! I loaded a nice muffin melt version, good for a snack or as a side for soups. Two risotto versions went up, somewhere. Cabbage rolls and spicy pears made the list. And polpettone sandwiches featuring turkey made it too.

I’ve got about 50 more recipes in the queue to upload and link, so I’m not likely to run out of food to share any time soon. With the garden beginning to really go in our unseasonably hot weather (will hit 100° F here today!), I’ll also have a lot of meals with fresh produce to discuss.

Who knows, I may need to toss in another Marathon just to handle it all! So stay tuned out there, much food goodness is heading your way…

Enjoy the (Seasonal Recipe Madness) Heat!


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