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Warning! Site Construction Ahead!

My old and trusty blog writing tool, Zoundry Raven, has given up the ghost. It fails in unpredictable ways and eats my posts as I draft them. I think making it keep track of several thousand posts over several blogs has made it Really Tired. It’s no longer supported, and the handoff to a community for development and support didn’t really happen; it’s cobware, so I really should be moving on. I got my miles and years out of it; thanks, Zoundry, and so long…

I’m migrating over to a new blog writer. Of some sort. Right now I’m giving ScribeFire a test drive. So far, so good, although it’s so different that I’m going very slow. (That’s not your problem, I know. Oh, and Tom? Enough with the snide asides, such as “How can we tell?”)

I’ve got a lot to learn during this transition, but I plan to keep most of that stuff in the background. Once I’m confident that ScribeFire is the platform of choice, I’ll put up a review of my learning curve and the curveballs I ducked. (If it doesn’t work, I’ll be dropping it like a hot rock.) In the meantime, I won’t be putting up a Fish 4 Friday or a Follies this week. Good Friday’s not a great opportunity for Follies in any case.

I really, really hope you don’t have a chance to notice the changes as they happen. However, if you see odd things hereabouts (well, odder than normal, I mean), drop me a comment and I’ll see about fixing them…

Enjoy the (I Warned You) Heat!

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