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Still Struggling With Finding a Zoundry Raven Replacement

So far, not much is satisfying me on this quest for a better post-writing tool. Of course, there are a lot of options to try. At first I was sure ScribeFire was the answer, especially as it’s available as a plugin for my favorite browser. However, there are lots of tasks I like to do that ScribeFire doesn’t support, including category and tag management.

The tag thing is especially troublesome to me. You can put Technorati tags into your posts easily enough, but not into your own database if you’re using WordPress (and I do). So there’s way too much processing after posting.

Then there’s maybe the deal-breaker: ScribeFire doesn’t use html in the body of the post! No parags, etc. Just a running stream of words. Which means, if you want a line between paragraphs, you hit Enter twice.

Which I always forget. Hence more processing after posting. Sigh.

So I’ll be trying out some other platforms in short order. Based on reviews, Microsoft Live Writer is working its way to the top of the heap. I guess I’ll have to give Uncle Bill’s software another try…

Enjoy the (Lost in BlogLand) Heat!


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