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World’s Best Burger? Check It Out and See If You Agree (With Me)

A quick note concerning an article I read yesterday. It made me hungry to look at it! Then I got to thinking, is this really the World’s Best? Let’s see. Does it have great beef? (No wimpy ground meat allowed. And veggie patties? Fuhgeddaboudit!) How about bold seasonings? A daring choice in cheese? (Skip […]

How Are You Honoring America’s Fallen This Memorial Day?

Many Americans have served our country in the Armed Forces. Others have served America’s interests here and abroad, in organizations ranging from police, fire and rescue to Americorps and the Peace Corps. Although this holiday is focused on the fallen heroes from our armed services, we shouldn’t forget any who have served and paid […]

Vegetables and Grilling Go Together Like, Like…

Okay, I get it. Most folks don’t think of vegetables when grilling. So imagine you’re a vegetarian… (In my case, a purely theoretical exercise; your mileage may vary.) See the problem? Most of the vegetarians and vegans I know (the “Type V” personality; time to come out of the garden!) like grilled vegetables, yet […]

Dinner for One: Sometimes the Good Stuff is Right Under Your Nose

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The Rio Grande river separates Texas from Mexico. That’s a long way away from my house, so it’s not real convenient to run down there for a big ol’ plate of Tex-Mex food. With the rest of the family out of town (wifey, daughterperson and her […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-05-28

Is a cookbook all you need to be a great cook? | NewarkAdvocate.com http://bit.ly/iDpBrH #
Easiest Tomato Parmesan Tart: With garden tomatoes on the way, give it a try… The Family Kitchen http://bit.ly/lfzEYw #
Rib Eye Steaks with Ancho Chili Sauce; The meat's good, the sauce is awesome… Detroit Free Press http://bit.ly/jM1MtA #

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The HomeField (Grill) Advantage

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As Seen in Beertown Austin

Nolan Ryan was one of the all-time great pitchers, and he’s become a “hometown boy” in practically every city and town in Texas. In central Texas, he’s still involved with baseball, through (part-) ownership of the Round Rock Express. People who […]

No Fish 4 Friday Today; Sorry!

What with fighting the shoulder rehab (Mas Oucho!) and website issues, I won’t be able to get any F4F up today. Maybe I’ll find the energy to double up next week. In the meantime, consider trying one of these tasty-looking grilled fish dishes. That way you can get back into summer grilling form while […]

“Healthy” on the Package Doesn’t Guarantee It’s Good for You

Of course the headline’s true. We’re none of us so naïve as to believe differently. However, with almost every box, tin, can,  or bottle of food we buy there are messages that tell us, loudly or in a whisper, that this one’s the Real Deal, oh so healthy and good for you. From “fat […]