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Fish 4 Friday: Curry Crabcakes

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»


Crab season is drawing to a close in many places. Maryland’s blue crabs are an exception, as their spring season begins in May. Nonetheless, it’s still possible to get quality crabmeat at your fishmonger’s. (If you’ve gotta ask how much, you can’t afford it. Like gasoline these days.)

Curry spice mixtures are some of the most fragrant and compelling blends on the planet. Indian cooks sure know how to make stuff taste and smell good! However, what we Americans think of as “curry powder” isn’t really available over there. They make from scratch, tailored for the dish they’re creating. Our convenience mindset here, however, has led to the marketing of many blends of Asian spices, all simply called “curry.” No problem, though! They are, indeed, convenient. So don’t be a spice snob and turn your nose up at these mixes. Find one you like (or several, if you’re adventurous) and use liberally.

I’ve done a lot of looking around, and so far I can’t seem to find many recipes where curry and crab are featured. This one is similar to one recently shown in the Oklahoman:

I adjusted to suit our tastes here at the Underground, and to match up with ingredients I use regularly. You can do that too! For instance, if you don’t have a jalapeño, then try a Serrano pepper. Or even some green cayenne or Anaheim. If you don’t like hot, then use a mild curry powder and leave out the chile pepper. You can add some celery or bell pepper too. Remember not to get too much vegetable in the cakes, though, or they won’t taste quite right, and they may not hold together for frying.

Classically, something like Old Bay is used to season crabcakes. You can go to that (or something similar), or a nice Cajun spice blend. Experiment a bit, and you’ll find something the whole family will enjoy. While the crabs last, I mean…

Enjoy the (Indian Style Crab) Heat!


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