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Burger Follies: A Fight Over Killer Burgers, In-N-Out in Texas, and Burger America Goes Second Edition

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Burger Dog

Extreme-sized foods are more and more the fashion these days. Witness the rise of shows like “Man vs. Food Nation” and “Glutton for Punishment.” The events shown on these programs don’t explore the behind-the-scenes support crew, including the medical transport personnel with well-lubed defibrillators powered up. Nonetheless, the shows are popular because there’s a real market for gigantic portion meals.

Hence the “Triple Bypass Burger.” Comes with a coupon card: Eat three, get your next angioplasty free! There are two places laying claim to the name, though: Second Avenue Deli and Heart Attack Grill. And they’re taking it to court, to let a judge decide who has the right to the name. The winner will be the only place legally licensed to serve death (or at least instant artery clogs) on a plate.

The fight is old news, though, to places like John Howie Steak in Bellevue, WA, who were also threatened with legal action by Heart Attack Grill last year. They took the easy way out and held a contest for a new name. What did the winner get? Six of the burgers, six pints of beer, and a (slightly used) coffin…

Big and Messy

In-N-Out Burgers got their start in 1948 in California, and they were the first fast food place to have folks order their meals using a two-way speaker box by the drive-through lane. By 1976, when founder Harry Snyder died, there were 18 locations, all in CA. Now there are locations in Arizona, Nevada and Texas. With more to come. In-N-Out is on the move!

The Texas locations just opened; two of them, on the same day, in the Dallas-Fort Worth megametro area. (None of them have the notoriety (yet) of the location just off-campus at Los Angeles International Airport, where airplane nuts spotting fans can have a burger and watch their favorite jumbo jets roar overhead.) The Grand Opening of these locations was such an emotional experience that one woman was moved to tears.

Yeah, the Double-Double is just that good. Mickey D’s, look out!

If you’re in the area (Frisco or Allen), give them a try. I think you’ll find they’re serious good eats…

Flame Burger

George Motz wrote the book “Hamburger America” and recommended a ton of great burger joints across the land. He’s now got the second edition of this great travelogue-review-homáge out, with recommendations expanded to 150 spots where you can score an outstanding hamburger. If you love burgers, get a copy of this instant classic Real Soon Now…

P.S. In unrelated news of the weird (food), here’s a receipt for an evening at a bar in Vegas. The total? Nearly $190,000. Over half of that was due to four bottles of champagne. Yeah, you read that right…

Enjoy the (How Now Ground Cow) Heat!

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