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Hot Bytes for 2011-05-20

Gaming Tech Comes to the Kitchen: Gilt Taste looking to introduce cooking app with "motion-activated recipes" http://aol.it/lsY3zg #
Can recipe search engines make you a better cook? (Seems everyone's searching for that.) | Seattle Times Newspaper http://bit.ly/mo6d1k #
Grandma didn’t test every recipe posted and blogged online; can you believe it? Boston.com http://bit.ly/kD6vq8 #
The Man, The Can: […]

Follies: A New and Exciting Way to Prepare Sushi

Just when you thought innovation in food preparation was at a standstill, along comes this interesting video:

Bubba the Sushi Ninja

In case you’re wondering, there’s nobody tossing fish at this maniac. They leap from the water at the sound of a passing motorboat. Sadly, they’re really bad eats.

Thanks for […]