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Oh Joy, It’s Rapture Day. What’s for Dinner?

Hot Pepper

Okay, here’s your last chance. Really. If you don’t eat right, you may not get to heaven. And you’ve got until this afternoon (sometime; details are sketchy) to get it all done…

Me, I’m already pigging out on Angel Food Cake and chicken wings (spicy, I admit). And some Drums of Heaven and Ambrosia Cake. With a little Divinity candy to top it all off. I’m taking no chances. None whatsoever. Some of the rest of you heathens and infidels risk-takers may choose otherwise, though. If so, here are some ideas…

Try some of these dishes:

And for dessert, you can try:

If you’re really ready to challenge the afterlife, get your food prepared in Hell’s Kitchen. (Isn’t it nice how they’ve managed to Photoshop out the real horns on Gordon Ramsay?)

Enjoy the (Eat ‘Til You Die) Heat!


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