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Foods That Affect Rheumatoid Arthritis (Good, Bad and Tasty)

Old Hands

Arthritis is no laughing matter. Oh, if you’re like me and have an occasional twinge due to osteoarthritis, then you can smile while you grimace. Wear and tear is expected at some level as you age. Yes, osteoarthritis can become more than a nuisance too. But one that scares people more is rheumatoid arthritis. (There are other types, all scary; but not as prevalent as the other two.)

What’s all that got to do with food? Quite a lot, actually. Not in causing issues, but in making things worse. Or better.

You see, it’s all about inflammation.

If you’ve got rheumatoid arthritis, you can eat a meal and cause yourself more pain. If it’s the “wrong” stuff, that is. Things with a higher inflammation index (IF), specifically. There’s a list here. And yes, it’s chock-full of The Good Stuff. Which doesn’t mean you have to give them up; consider cutting back, though, especially if you have arthritis.

A collection of foods that seem to be most implicated in rheumatoid arthritis flares can be seen here. What I like about that article, they don’t simply point out the things that cause trouble; they give you tasty alternatives. Additionally, you can visit the Level 1 Diet website and get more guidance on lowering the IF of your meals and snacks.

You don’t need to have RA to benefit from the advice. The less inflammation you cause through your diet, the better…

Enjoy the (Stop Being Inflammatory) Heat!


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