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“Healthy” on the Package Doesn’t Guarantee It’s Good for You

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Of course the headline’s true. We’re none of us so naïve as to believe differently. However, with almost every box, tin, can,  or bottle of food we buy there are messages that tell us, loudly or in a whisper, that this one’s the Real Deal, oh so healthy and good for you. From “fat free” on everything from rice to refried beans, and “gluten free” on 60% of packages on the shelves of the neighborhood grocery, all packaged food companies in America are in on the gimmick.

Then there are foods that “everyone knows” are okay. Good, healthy ones.

But are these guaranteed good bites really tricking you? A recent online report by Today, in their Health section, seems to indicate so. At least in seven specific instances. The problem isn’t with the basic food per se, but with what the makers/sellers aren’t telling you.

What are the foods? Here’s their list:

  • Pretzels
  • Splenda® (and other artificial sweeteners)
  • High-fiber cereals with sugar
  • Diet soda
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Veggie chips
  • Turkey burgers

What could possibly be wrong with these? Well, let’s see what’s claimed in the article. Pretzels are basically refined carbs with extra salt. Sure, the package says “1 gram of fat per serving” or something similar. Nothing is on there like “eat a handful of these and you can’t have any more salt today.”

The claim against Splenda and similar is that they make the consumer of them crave sweets. They “trick” the body into thinking some nice carbs are on their way, and when the body doesn’t get what it wants, it continues to look for them. By eating more. The FAQ on the Splenda website claims otherwise, of course; some recent studies may support Today’s assertion.

To read about the others, you can go to the original article. The one that doesn’t surprise me, but has disturbingly large numbers, is the one on diet soda. I’m glad I gave them up several years ago…

Enjoy the (Bad Good Snacks) Heat!


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