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How Are You Honoring America’s Fallen This Memorial Day?

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Many Americans have served our country in the Armed Forces. Others have served America’s interests here and abroad, in organizations ranging from police, fire and rescue to Americorps and the Peace Corps. Although this holiday is focused on the fallen heroes from our armed services, we shouldn’t forget any who have served and paid a price. Yes, those who gave their lives so we can enjoy our way of life must be honored; solemnly and with great joy. Others paid through a reduced quality of life; injuries physical and psychological. Still others gave up more lucrative paths to seek the rewards of service.

I’m doing everything I can today, as living my life is what I believe honors our heroes the best: Watching a ball game; viewing a good movie; gardening (yes, even that’s a joy others in the world can’t have); herding the cats; sharing a meal with others.

To all of you who served, each and every one, my personal thanks. Your gifts make this day (and all my days) that much more special. (Miss you, Dad; wish you were here.)

Enjoy the (Remembering & Celebrating Our Heritage) Heat!


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