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Vegetables and Grilling Go Together Like, Like…


Okay, I get it. Most folks don’t think of vegetables when grilling. So imagine you’re a vegetarian… (In my case, a purely theoretical exercise; your mileage may vary.) See the problem? Most of the vegetarians and vegans I know (the “Type V” personality; time to come out of the garden!) like grilled vegetables, yet many of them don’t own a grill. I hear excuses like “too expensive,” or “don’t have the time.”

The truth is, grilling vegetables (and fruits) is easy, fun and produces tasty meals. So no more excuses!

This weekend is the “unofficial” start of the summer season here in the U. S. of A., and that means firing up the grill. I intend to have plenty of vegetables on mine this summer; maybe even occasionally foregoing the meat. (Horrors! Blasphemy!) Who knows; maybe after umpty-ump years of marriage to Paula Jo, I can hope to throttle back her full-bore carnivorism (Is that a word? Really?) by tempting her with deliciously scorched plants.

We’ll see.

In the meantime, check out this article, which claims to help the Type V’s survive grilling season. Shoot, looking at their recommendations, I’m convinced they’ll do more than merely survive…

Enjoy the (You Go, Veggie Grill) Heat!


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