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World’s Best Burger? Check It Out and See If You Agree (With Me)

Biggie Burger

A quick note concerning an article I read yesterday. It made me hungry to look at it! Then I got to thinking, is this really the World’s Best? Let’s see. Does it have great beef? (No wimpy ground meat allowed. And veggie patties? Fuhgeddaboudit!) How about bold seasonings? A daring choice in cheese? (Skip the Limburger, I said daring, not deadly.) Lettucetomatojalapeños? Audaciously crisp dill pickles? A brawny, hand-made bread? Special sauce? (Sorry, Ronald; yours ain’t it.) Garlic, giardiniera, or anything else that starts with the letter “G” ? Okay, okay; I’ll stop.

If it’s missing any of those, it’s not likely to be the World’s Best (in my arrogant, egotistical, toffee-nosed hard-earned and well-deserved humble opinion). Near as I can tell, the chef in the article forgot at least three of the important ones.

Still, I wouldn’t want to squelch any debate on this issue unless it’s in conflict with my perfect observations. What’s your take on this crucial, global, life-and-death, end-of-the-Universe-as-we-know-it issue? Inquiring readers want to know!

Enjoy the (Outrageous Burger Claim) Heat!


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