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Fish 4 Friday: Summery Salmon Salad With a Tingle on the Tongue

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»

Salmon With Chiles

As promised, a Fish 4 Friday this week. (Yes, I might have misspoke mentioned something about doubling up this week. Well, life’s full of tough surprises.) With crab and shrimp mostly out of season by now, I’ll be talking more about plain ol’ fish than ever before. Only, skip that “plain ol’” part. Nothing ordinary about this stuff today:

First off, some of you don’t like zesty bits with your fish. Okay, leave them out if you want. It won’t hurt MY feelings. Much. (Besides, these sniffles are more likely a summer cold. Now don’t you feel sorry for me?) Of course, adding more chiles is your own choice. As much as you like. We’re getting lots of hot peppers out of the garden these days, and I know jalapeño peppers are like 50¢ a pound now. Good, big ones. Suitable for all sorts of scrumptious recipes. (More in a later post on that subject.)

If you don’t like grapefruit, here’s some options. Use sour oranges, maybe toned down with some everyday OJ. It’ll take 2-3 to get enough sections and juice. If sour’s the issue here, then use something like blood oranges, or everyday navel oranges if you’d like. I would suggest putting a bit of tangy citrus (lime, lemon) in the juice, though, or you’ll miss out on some of the flavor contrasts that this dish normally presents. Oh, it’ll still be good, but not as intricate as the original version. (Don’t let a little thing like that stop you, though.)

As far as the salad greens go: I like a mix of rocket (arugula) and spinach because of the slightly peppery sharpness of the rocket and the earthy tastes of the spinach, with some mineral overtones. You can use any salad greens you enjoy, of course! Iceberg lettuce doesn’t have much flavor, though; leave that for the kiddies, okay?

I don’t know what other fish you might try this dish with. Some options have to be tuna, mahi-mahi and trout. The Cooks’ Thesaurus indicates a lot more options in the area of fatty, flaky fish; try one of these if the salmon doesn’t look great at your grocer’s or fishmonger’s this week…

Enjoy the (Cool Hot Salmon Salad) Heat!


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