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Friday Follies: A Ptomaine Ptruck for the Galactose-Intolerant

Grillenium Falcon

What would it be like if Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca the Wookie decided to ground the Millennium Falcon and turn it into a rolling diner? You might get something like the Hammontrees (Chad and Alison) of Fayette, Arkansas have in their concept truck “The Grillenium Falcon.” (Yes, it’s creatively misspelled. Everybody knows there’s two n’s in Grillennium.)

They’ve got cheek, if nothing else. Why risk an all-out attack by interstellar ambulance-chasers lawyers dressed up as Darth Vader and his happy henchmen, the Storm Troopers? (So far, no word from Georgie Lucas or his film companies.) Of course, they’d maybe prefer to come dressed as clown, er, clone warriors; those hats have really bad ventilation, I hear.

But I digress..

What kind of food can you get off of the intergalactic food wagon? How ‘bout a Parmageddon sandwich? Or a cheese-laden Cheebacca? Maybe you can come up with some cute names that Chad and Alison can use on their menu? (One suggestion, a Boba Feta, might actually work.) I just want to know if they use an e-Wok to cook their stir-fries. (Would that constitute child labor?)

Anyone up for a Leia Organa-ic salad? It’s probably so good you’ll want to Yoda-ll on the mountantop…

Enjoy the (Puny Pun Wars) Heat!


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