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Fish 4 Friday: Grilled Swordfish With a Summery Salsa

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»


Swordfish are big sea creatures, with males running up to 300 pounds and females up to four times that big. Trivia for the day: Swordfish are one of only a few cold-blooded creatures with a special ability to warm up part of their body! They have small organs next to their eyes that they can use to warm their eyes (for improved vision) and brain.

I don’t think that has anything to do with their taste or tastiness, but it’s interesting.

Today’s F4F recipe involves the fighting swordfish, also known as a broadbill. (No, it’s not a marlin; that’s another big fighting fish.) They’re not an endangered species at present, although they’re not fast-growing or reproducing. Still, supplies seem to be plentiful at the moment (I checked the fishmonger’s case), and swordfish steaks from the grill are My-T Fine Eats, let me tell you.

With oranges plentiful and so many tomatoes and peppers coming out of the garden, I thought, why not fix up something that takes advantage of all of that stuff? Here’s today’s concept:

Fish Steaks

This is one dish that I think tastes especially great with the chile pepper bits in it. If you prefer mild, though, simple skip the chiles. If you don’t have (or don’t like) white balsamic vinegar, there’s an easy fix: Drop it and double the wine vinegar. In fact, you can use most any good-quality vinegar you’d like for the sauce. (I’d stay away from simple apple or white vinegar, but that’s me.) One way to punch this one up a bit is to put some special spices in the orange syrup. Here are some ideas: Cinnamon, clove, cardamom, five spice. I’d use only one or two at a time, and just a pinch of each. Wouldn’t want to overwhelm, and these can be some powerful aromas and flavors! They nicely complement the citrus tang, though.

Can’t find good swordfish for this dish? Tuna will work, or mahi-mahi. Whatever you can get in nice, large steaks that are firm and don’t flake up too easily. If you go with a flaky fish, you’ll need to put foil on the grill or use a grill plate, and that won’t get quite the smoky effect of direct grilling. Still not bad, though, I bet.

However you like it, and with whatever fish you prefer, get some grilling going this week! It may seem like summer’s just gotten here, so you think there’s plenty of time for outdoor cooking, but you really should take full advantage of the nice weather…

Enjoy the (Nosy Parker Grilled Fish) Heat!


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