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Fish 4 Friday: Zesty, Beer-Soaked Tuna Steaks on the Grill

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»


Ah, summertime. (You folks up North, you gotta wait; but we’ve got summer here already. Eat your hearts out.) Picnics and ballgames. Grilling everything. Boat rides, soccer camp and backpacking. Lemonade stands. Shave ice. Blockbuster movies. Cold beer on a hot afternoon.

And did I mention grilling? Even, or especially, fish. And don’t forget the beer:

I use a great-quality dark beer for this dish. Just remember, use the same rule with the beer that you would with a wine you’re cooking with! If you find it great to drink, then it’ll be great for cooking and sauces. Besides, life’s too short for cheap, flavorless beer.

Jalapeño peppers are cheap and plentiful at the moment, as are green Serranos; so you can put those into almost anything. If your recipe calls for diced sweet pepper, add a little hot chile pepper as well. Not a lot; you don’t need to go for the flamethrower effect! That’s how I came up with this salsa-topped dish. You can substitute for the hot peppers if you like, or simply leave them out; but where’s the fun in that? If you like this dish even hotter, then you’re thinking in the right direction! Use some minced chiles in the marinade and you’ll get even more zestiness into the fish. Tuna can stand up to that, though its flavor is often described as mild. Just don’t get too much or you’ll miss out on the other essences in the dish: Citrus, cilantro and more.

I mean hey, if you want really hot, then eat some peppers on the side. You can’t go wrong with that…

Enjoy the (Tipsy Tingly Tuna) Heat!


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