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Happy Father’s Day, Undergrounders…

Pepper Mix

Nothing much going on here except the heat; 105° F today in the backyard. The weatherman’s teasing us with rain chances mid-week, which I’m sure they’ll pull away at the last minute, like Lucy taking away the football before Charlie can launch the game-winning field goal through the uprights. Oh well; maybe they figure if they give us a small bit of hope then living in the daily inferno won’t turn us all into axe-murderers or something.

It’ll be a close thing, though. The sad thing is, summer doesn’t officially start for 36 hours or so. I wonder how hot it’ll get by then?

It’s already too hot to cook, so I don’t have any good stuff for you there. We mostly ate leftovers and snacks today. Likely the same tomorrow. I did make my traditional Father’s Day rice pudding last night, so we have good desserts at least. Even if we’re not eating meals. Plenty of rum-soaked raisins and caramelized almonds.

We finally broke down and did something with the extra tomatoes. The ones that are too much to eat. We sliced and dehydrated them. They’re a poor-man’s substitute for sun-dried tomatoes. These we washed most of the seeds out of, so they’ll make good gifts for the seed-challenged members of the Clan. The next batch, I’m going to try some oil-preserved dehydrated tomatoes, with layers of basil and garlic. We’ve got plenty of basil, that’s for sure.

I did make a jar of “pickled” peppers too, last night. So ultra-easy! Just took some apple cider vinegar (the real kind, not that fake, artificial-flavored dreck) and some white balsamic vinegar and brought them to a simmer on the rangetop. Then I put in a couple teaspoons of salt. Meanwhile I put the peppers, an assortment of green and red Serranos, jalapeños and cayennes, into a one-quart Mason jar. (Found one with a handle on it a while back; intended for drinking iced tea, I think.) I stuffed as many peppers in there as would fit, after I made some small slits in most of them using a paring knife. I included some herbs from the garden and about a tablespoon of minced garlic. Then I simply poured the hot vinegar over the peppers, making sure they were covered with liquid, and put a clean canning flat and ring on the jar. After about 30 minutes I heard the lid pop, sealing in the spicy goodness.

In a week or two that sauce will be ready to start using. I expect it to be quite zesty!

I’m off to watch some DVR recorded food shows with the spouse. For some crazy reason she seems to enjoy the attention…

Enjoy the (Mad Hot Pappy’s Day) Heat!


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