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A New Protein Source in Texas That Everybody’s Yakking About

Black Yak

One of the sellers at the Cedar Park Farmer’s Market this week was unique. They were selling a new meat. Well, new to Texas, anyways. The protein source? Yak. Yep, the shaggy dog of a cow shown above. Apparently they do just fine here, although some sources claim they shouldn’t do well in the heat. (And man, we’ve got heat to spare this year.) They look the way they do because they’re from the high altitude, and often high latitude, regions of Tibet, Mongolia and Russia.

Yes, this novel food was the talk of the Market. Lots of yakking. It’s a lean meat, and the Texas grower doesn’t use any hormones, antibiotics or grain feed.

These noble beats, somewhat vulnerable in the wild, domesticate quite nicely. They’re supposedly smart as all heck, and quite good at raising their little ones. In Asia they’re used for meat, milk, hides and transportation. They’re making their way into the U.S. market, albeit slowly. I wouldn’t (Ti)bet against them becoming popular, as they’re easy to raise and manage.

Given their propensity to hate just about every predator on the planet, they make Mongo(lian) watchdogs, er, cattle. The lady working the booth at the Market claimed they may be smarter than mules, which makes them quite bright (for large, herbivorous quadrupeds).

And they’re very, very good to eat.

I’m not trying to Russ(ian) you into anything, but maybe you should consider trying out yak meat, just once, for some great summer grilling. I’m certainly going to try some, right after you…

Enjoy the (No Fat to Chew) Heat!


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