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Follies: Barbeque That Goes Where You Go, All Day Long

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»


In a world full of phony commodities, including fake car passengers (beat the HOV lane), impostor jeans (eat anything, they’ll fit), sham camisoles (cleavage control, dontcha know), and even fictionalized basketball player names (Whirled Peas??), it’s nice to know that Real Products for Real Men are still being invented. I’m not talking about tasers (great ‘coon hunting accessory), manly attachments for your mudrunner truck (be proud AND nuts), or the latest in state-of-the-art catfish catchers (the view from the bottom).

Oh no; we’re talking Major Breakthrough here. One that’s sure to help you avoid yet another “night out with the boys” wasted with the boys turn you into a dominating chick magnet.

That’s right. We’re talking barbeque. Specifically, barbeque-scented cologne.

We here at the Chile Underground have gleefully assailed and occasionally dismayed you never flinched from our duty to report on the finest in Real Men accoutrements. We’ve dutifully announced important advances for civilization such as the Wake n’ Bacon alarm clock, the White Castle candle and the Cruzin Cooler (not to mention bacon-flavored soda and beer spas). Shoot, we’ve even delved into the depths of high-fashion fragrance before. (We did stay away from the switchblade mustache comb and the electronic yodeling pickle, though; which proves we are routinely asleep at the switch have some modicum of good taste.)

But this news, well, it’s actually hard to describe how big this is. Really. Terms like Godzilla or King Kong simply don’t approach the size requirements. I mean, how else can you get that heady mixture of burnt protein, smoke and sweat stenches sensations in a convenient bottle? A few drops behind each ear and you’ll have a whole flock of ladies following you around. (And the dogs.)

Not yet convinced? Then take a look:

So hurry online and order a case or six. Makes great Christmas gifts too! (Hanukkah, not so much.) Just like Baconnaise, you can’t ever have too much Que around the ol’ house…

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the recipe is for a personal beer spa? Take your kid’s portable pool, add two kegs of beer, and stir with your trolling motor. All you need is a straw! Bathing suit optional, of course.)

Enjoy the (Sweet, Meaty Aromas of Summer) Heat!

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