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Registration Required to Post Comments on the CU (For a Short While)

It’s with a heavy heart that the IT Elf here at the Underground has had to enable “registration required” for visitors to place a comment in the queue. The moderation staff has been overloaded recently with SPAM comments; recently there’s been about 600 such non-tasty comments (some of them aimed at vandalizing or hijacking the site) for every legitimate one. Hopefully this is a temporary state of affairs. (Not the spamming; I know that’ll never go away. I’m a wishful sort, but I”m no daft.)

There are several options for fixing this problem, and we’re investigating which one to implement just as soon as we return from visiting the Mouse. In the meantime, you can always post your cogent observations by the happy expedient of registering for the site. We don’t want to interfere with legitimate dialog, but apparently the Interwebz isn’t a friendly place in this respect. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience we may cause, except to those dad-ratted spammers and their botnets…


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