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Another “Too Many Tomatoes” Solution, and Green Too

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Green Tomatoes

Most of us who have dirt-stained pants knees nurture vegetable gardens south of the Dixon-Mason Line have now reached a common state of affairs. The tomatoes now look like Little Shop of Horrors plants, just as we’re all getting a bit tired of tomatoes for dinner. And lunch. And breakfast. And snacks.

Green TomatoesI’m not complaining, mind you. (Okay, maybe a little.) I still eat a pile of cherry tomatoes every day, and they’re still as tasty as ever. Working the garden daily is a great source of stress relief. But I’ve still got to ask the question that all of us vegetable gardeners are fixated on:

What can you do with all these tomatoes?

I’ve posted before on ideas to handle the massive overflow of fruit of the dreaded Lycopersicon esculentum. You don’t have to wait for them to ripen to eat them, though. Yes, green tomatoes are edible. (Don’t eat them raw, though.) Indeed, there are several tasty preparations available to the undespairing gardener-cook. And to make it easy for you, here are some effortless yet classy preparations:

If you’re a true Southerner you already know about fried green tomatoes, and may even enjoy them. This version of the recipe kicks things up a bit, but not too much that you won’t recognize this archetype dish of the deep South. A few of you may be aware you can pickle these green fruit. If you don’t have your own secret family recipe then consider trying this one; the pickles come out with a soft, buttery texture and nice, mouth-scrunching astringency that’s great as a side for most any comfort food dish. They’ll keep nicely into the winter this way as well, when you’ll be wistfully daydreaming of the warm days of gardening you’re suffering through now.

There’s only one item here you may not be familiar with; the salsa. Yes, green tomatoes make a nice salsa. It’s not like tomatillo salsa, and certainly not like using only ripe tomatoes. It may even be labeled an acquired taste, but if so, a few scoops with some sturdy chips and you’ll acquire it. Particularly if you can use some of the hot peppers from your own garden as well. The recipe as written is quite zesty, so you may choose to tone it down a bit. Don’t worry, we’ll forgive you….

Enjoy the (Green Gardening Recipes) Heat!


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