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Sunny Floriday In 3, 2, …


As you can see from the photo, PJ and I are packed and dressed in our incognito traveling clothes. We’re off to visit the sunny (and hopefully rain-showery) state of Florida come Saturday early. We can hardly wait to get away…

StarfishThe plan is to fly in to Tampa and visit friends (and maybe even get to see daughterperson, who’s hiding somewhere on a campus in the state), then start visiting various sights: The Lowry Park Zoo, the Florida Aquarium, and on to Hogwarts. We’re enrolled there, you see; taking the combined short course in food preparation magic, nose wart removal and house elf infestation control. It’s a survey course, so I don’t really expect to be able to get rid of the house elves. But that wart thingie might come in handy in the long run, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the food prep assistance in my kitchen once I’m back home.

I suspect we’ll try for the Dali Museum, and maybe the Chihuly collection, as well. If we don’t wind up picking seashells somewhere. Or tracking down man-eating gators in the swamps. (I just put that last in there for Paula Jo, who doesn’t know about her being enrolled in a safari while we’re there. It’s a surprise, so don’t tell!) And for sure I’m going to go look at some historic airplanes, somewhere. Since Florida seems to have more airstrips per mile than any other state, and lots of shops rebuilding classic airframes, I’ve gotta find some to see. Maybe the Florida Air Museum in Lakeland? Or Fantasy of Flight in Polk? (They’re both on the road to Hogwarts; maybe she’ll spring for both of them? Naw.) Decisions, decisions…

We won’t be gone long enough to eat our way through all of Tampa, St. Pete and Orlando, but I expect to give it a good go. Not sure yet what’s on the menu, but I can assure the Underground’s loyal readers that we won’t starve. PJ may even get some seafood. Maybe.

Me, I’m holding out for some nice grilled stuff, and maybe some tropical fruity drinks. With Jimmy Buffett serenading in the background. Steak, chicken, pineapple, whatever. Man, even writing about it is making me hongry; think I’ll go grab some grub…

Enjoy the (Steamy Panther State) Heat!


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