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Hot Bytes for 2011-06-30

  • Smoky flavor comes out in food with chipotle, the dried & smoked jalapeƱo pepper; give it a try with these recipes… http://bit.ly/j1pRFb #
  • Chili-pepper expert Dave DeWitt (one of my faves) releases 'bookazine' only available until Aug. 30; get one now! http://bit.ly/inRfhb #
  • Food 4 the 4th: Red, White, and Blue Pork Sliders, a novel treat that doesn't scrimp on flavor | NewsOK.com http://bit.ly/lmT0dH #
  • Food 4 the 4th: Celebrate with tasty, grilled fare (pineapple & tequila!) http://bit.ly/jW33xg #
  • Food 4 the 4th: Celebrate With Healthy Recipes – FoxNews.com http://fxn.ws/iWAk6g #

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