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New Food Magazine: Recipe.com in Print…

My first thought is, why another food magazine? Indeed, the category has been exploding for a while now, with offerings from cooking channels (such as the Food Network’s) and celebrity chefs (Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, Sandra Lee, or collections like The Food Magazine, to name just a few). I mean, you’d think the space […]

Want Some of the Really Hot Stuff? Then Get This Shirt…

We use the word “hot” pretty indiscriminately these days. The weather’s hot; this food’s hot; that song’s hot. My car’s hot (inside) these days. Or fill-in-the-blank-with-favorite-actor/actress is hot. And on and on.

In the zesty food game, hot has a pretty distinct meaning. Where is it on the Scoville scale? The bigger the number the […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-07-29

'Top Chef' Dreams: Are Cooking Schools a Rip-Off? (How Does Culinary School Compare to College as Well)- TIME http://ti.me/qG1tjF #
Corn recipes: Use fresh corn in a variety of tasty ways! It's summertime, after all… Kentucky.com http://bit.ly/mPzrij #
It's National Hamburger Day: 17 smokin' burger recipes – http://exm.nr/ooIxJG #
Guess What? It's National Chili Dog Day Too – […]

Zesty Chili Doesn’t Make Lingerie More Exciting for One Woman

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

I’ve heard of having your panties in a bunch, but this takes things a bit too far. A Yonkers woman shopping in White Plains, NY retaliated against a Victoria’s Secret outlet, after she was banned from shopping there due to an earlier shoplifting incident, by […]

Sorry, No F4F Today; Working on Major Guest Post

No fish tales (or recipes) today; sorry! Working on a post for another website; I was invited to present on my “signature recipe.” I’ll have the link up for Undergrounders as soon as I know where the post is located.

If you simply have to have fish, check out some of these recipes. Or take your […]

Overpaying in This Economy’s a Crime; Are You Guilty?

Forbes recently published an article about household items you may be paying too much for these days. Common items like aspirin (it’s pretty much all made by the same process), fancy cleaners (vinegar and baking soda get a lot of things out, and Bar Keepers Friend isn’t costly), shampoo and other beauty products (most of […]

Dog Days are Here; Can We Quit It Out on the Heat Now?

All we need is to conjure up some tropical something in the Gulf and send it to Alice, TX. Then we can maybe get a bit of relief. Nothing big and disastrous, thanks; just wet as all get-out and slow. Very, very slow once it gets onto land. If it’ll just spread out and […]

Are You Joining the Artisanal Ketchup Revolution?

Ketchup. That red glop that kids use to hide the taste of everything from broccoli to bananas. It’s somehow seen as quintessentially American, although we didn’t invent it. It’s not even the top-selling topping in the States; mayonnaise and salsa both sell better. And until recently, it’s not been seen as a target for […]