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Google+ is Here! The Underground Is In; Are You?


Sometimes the IT (Insignificant Technology) Elves here at the Underground are completely asleep at the switch and behind the times may overlook an option or two for driving the CU to world domination promoting our efforts to convert the whole world to zesty food. For instance, no matter what threats and prodding I use with those recalcitrant gnomes we’re not gotten on FaceBook. Yet.

This time, though, we’re not missing the boat. Google+ is rolling out, and we’re on the forefront right where the steamroller can squash us flat, the naysayers claim. of this emerging social networking breakthrough. We’re going to build a super-imposing presence on G+, even better than our tepid puny appearances on Buzz. Something that befits our massive ego global voice on the critical (can we even say, compelling?) issues surrounding capsaicin and similar materials in our comestibles.

If you’re on Google+, let’s connect and circle the food wagons. (Get it? Circle? Man, I’m on a roll today.) If you’re not yet on G+, well, what are you waiting for, an invitation? (I suppose that constitutes an inside joke.) Just search for the Chile Doctor, of course…

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Then Web-Socialize!


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