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Follies Extra: The OC Fair and Triglycerides OD


Okay, our post of a couple of days ago about croquettes has now been upstaged. There’s a new kid on the block, and it ain’t no fish tale either. No, this one’s much more dangerous, and wacky to boot.

I’m talking fried Kool-Aid. Little deep-fried balls with kids’ drink inside; a croquette, according to the definition.

Some of you folks out there watch unreality TV, so you know that OC means Orange County. (If you did, then you’re an official candidate for the 12-step program for Reality TV addiction.) Their county fair, which begins soon, will have this menacing snack available for anybody with a few extra bucks in their pocket and a deathwish to simply buy and consume. We’re talking women and children too! I mean, if this kind of stuff were restricted to Real Men, well, what’s the harm in that, actually? There’s way to many of those around anyway.

But I digress…

County and state fairs have recently been in a sort of food war to determine who can serve the latest fried weapon of mass artery destruction. We even reported on this trend a while back. For a while it seemed Texas was the central battleground, but now the focus of the conflict has moved west. (At least it skipped over some places worth saving, like Flagstaff, and settled in California.) It’s a dubious honor, this particular position of leadership. Well-earned, though. I mean, come on; deep-fried Kool-Aid? What were they thinking??

Sorry, no more time to chat. The fryer’s all hotted up, and I got my Twinkies battered. Time to fry up some classic breakfast…

Enjoy the (Demented Drink-Stuffed Doughball) Heat!


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